Meeting Point of International Enotourism

Aenotur is an international non-profit entity, focused on developing enoturism worldwide. It is formed by municipalities and management entities in the area of tourism linked to the wine culture, consolidating itself as a collaborative network of professionals, who use this common promotional space, making Aenotur an international observatory of wine tourism.

Aenotur is pretending to be a bridge of cooperation and knowledge between America and Europe, being an institution open to all the institutions that want to collaborate in the production of knowledge of best practices in wine tourism around the world. To become a member, simply request adhesion by full filling the membership form.


Wine Tourism

There is a way to explore the world of wine, to know the culture and history that involve this natural product: the enotourism. This activity, also known as enologic tourism, offers multiple possibilities to know the territory marked by the wine production. In this way, the visitor can enjoy not only of wine tasting but also can learn aspects as architecture, art, folklore or hiking. The visitor can also get close to enotherapy world, where health, beauty and well-being are combined.

What we do

Mission & Vission

Aenotur was created to provide a strategic framework for promotion, knowledge and innovation to the international enotourism sector. Our vision is to create a collaborative network in an international level, for production of knowledge and promotion of projects and initiatives in the field of enoturism, which can count on funding sources for projects to develop member countries.

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Fair: BTL – International Tourism Fair | from 2nd to 6th of March | Lisbon

Congress: International Enotourism Congress – European edition Programme

Congresos: International Enotourism Congress – American edition Programme

– 2016 –

Congresos: International Enotourism Congress – European edition (June – Italy)

Congresos: International Congress of Enotourism – American edition